Wedding Dress Cart Is Ivory Wedding Dress the Next Luxury Wedding Dress?

Is Ivory Wedding Dress the Next Luxury Wedding Dress?

It’s no secret that the average bride is probably looking to buy a high-end wedding dress that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though most people would prefer to go with a wedding gown that’s a fraction of that.

A new designer, however, is using the term luxury wedding dress to describe a wedding dress priced at under $1,000 that’s made from exotic fabrics and can be bought for under $20.

In the words of the company’s Instagram account, this is the future of weddings.

The bride who wanted to get a luxury wedding gown for less than $20 has a lot of choices, and it looks like the future is here.

In a post on Instagram earlier this week, Jasmine Siegel, the founder and head of Jasmine Jewelry, said that they’re not just selling luxury wedding dresses to brides, but to anyone looking for a “weddings dress that will be a staple in your closet for years to come.”

“We’re also excited to introduce you to our new line of luxurious wedding gowns that are handmade from the finest natural fibers from the top-of-the-line brands and our exclusive blend of silks and pewter,” she wrote in the post.

“These are gowns made to last, and with the help of the finest leathers, fabrics, and hand-selected pieces, we’ll help you create the perfect look and look out on your wedding day.”

Siegel also announced a new line in October that will feature more exotic and luxurious gowns.

Ivory Wedding Dress Siegel explained that their line of affordable wedding dresses will feature natural fibers and will be made from the most luxurious materials possible, like the best-dressed silk and pearly white cotton fabrics.

As for their price point, the brand is asking for “a bride to be able to walk down the aisle wearing a wedding ceremony gown with no strings attached.”

While this is a good start for the luxury wedding industry, there’s a lot more to the idea than just a fancy name.

Jasmine’s post also included a video, showing a couple getting their own wedding gown made from a different fabric, and the company promises that the new gowns will be available for pre-order through June, and then they’ll be available to buy as soon as they’re ready.

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