Wedding Dress News ‘Steampunk Wedding Dress’ for an Epic Steampunk Wedding

‘Steampunk Wedding Dress’ for an Epic Steampunk Wedding

“This is a gorgeous dress that I just made, but you can’t just buy it,” the bride-to-be says.

“You need to make it yourself.

You need to go out there and learn about the things you need to know to do that.”

The bride-of-two was able to buy her dress online for $250 at Amazon and has now received a message from her bridesmaids saying the dress is “so beautiful” and she “couldn’t be more happy.”

The wedding was held at a small, rustic, wood-fired stove in the woods outside of New Hampshire on May 2.

The bride wore a dress with a full-length skirt and was accompanied by a wedding photographer.

“This dress is so beautiful,” the bridesmother-to_be said in a video posted to Instagram on Thursday.

“I couldn’t be happier with it.”

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