Wedding Dress Checkout How to make your wedding dress with this DIY Purple Wedding Dress

How to make your wedding dress with this DIY Purple Wedding Dress

Pink wedding dresses are all the rage these days.

With an abundance of pink wedding dress patterns and shapes, it is hard to find the right one.

But with this tutorial you can create a wedding dress that looks like a purple flower.

Here’s how to do it.1.

Cut the wedding dress in two pieces.

For this tutorial, you need to cut the pink dress in half and then sew them together in a single piece.2.

Lay out the pink wedding dresses pieces on a flat surface.

The pattern on one piece is the base layer and the fabric on the other is the bottom layer.3.

The purple wedding dress will look like this if you fold the pieces over.

If you want to make it shorter, sew the pieces together and then fold them over.4.

Sew the base and bottom layers together.

Sew the front of the dress to the bottom piece of the base.

Sew along the top edge of the bottom portion of the skirt.5.

Now, you can sew along the sides of the purple dress, too.

Sew along the edge of each edge of your skirt.6.

Then, fold the skirt over.

Fold the pink piece of dress over the top of the red piece of skirt.

Sew in the bottom edge of this piece of fabric.7.

Cut out the buttons of the wedding gown.

Fold each button in half to make a buttonhole.8.

Swing the purple wedding gown outwards so that the buttons sit on the edges of the flower.9.

Sock it all up!

Now you can use it as a wedding tie or as a bridal gown accessory.10.

Piece by piece, the purple flower becomes a wedding bridesmaids outfit.

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