Wedding Dress Cart Victoria’s wedding dress boutique gets a boost

Victoria’s wedding dress boutique gets a boost

Posted May 18, 2018 14:36:07 Victoria’s first ever wedding dress boutique has announced a $100 million investment in a range of wedding dresses in an effort to boost its brand image.

The Victoria Wedding Dress Boutique announced a major investment in new wedding dresses this month, with a focus on its signature Silk Wedding Dress, which has become a popular trend among high-end wedding dressmakers.

It said the new investment was part of its commitment to reinventing the brand in a new way, with new products and more innovative products and services.

“The Silk Wedding dress is the most iconic wedding dress in Victoria,” Victoria’s head of marketing, Julie Ruggiero, said.

“It’s a stunning gown with an iconic silhouette that will appeal to the modern bride.”

It will be the first time a Victoria wedding dress has been made in the silk and will feature new, innovative products.

“We want to create the best-in-class wedding dress available, and it is a privilege to be working with our new partners at Victoria Wedding Design, to bring our new products to the marketplace,” Ms Ruggirgi said.

The company also launched a new online shop that includes more than 300 different silk wedding dresses.

The silk wedding dress is a classic, contemporary, and luxurious wedding dress with a rich texture, and is designed for women of all ages and sizes.

“This is the perfect dress for a modern wedding, it has a rich and sophisticated feel to it, with soft fabrics that can be worn with a range to suit the mood of your day,” Ms Della said.

Customers can buy a silk wedding gown online from the Victoria Wedding Dresses website, or from Victoria’s new online wedding dress shopping site,

The website offers custom orders, as well as discounts for customers with wedding planning questions.

The Victorian Wedding Dress boutique also announced plans to invest $1 million in a design studio in Sydney.

“As we are expanding our retail and online presence in the next few months, we have also committed to opening a design lab in Sydney,” Ms Vizzini said.

Victoria’s new wedding dress retail shop will be located at the Victoria Wig & Shoe Co. shop in The Rocks, and will have a full line of styles for brides, grooms, grocers, tailors, and stylists.

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