Wedding Dress Cart A couple from the future may be able to wear a Mickey Mouse dress for the holidays

A couple from the future may be able to wear a Mickey Mouse dress for the holidays

It looks like Mickey Mouse will have to make do with the rest of the season without his signature dress.

Mickey’s dress is officially off the market.

But if you were wondering what to wear, that’s because you are in luck.

The Disney-owned company announced it is planning a special celebration to celebrate the iconic character.

According to the Disney-affiliated WDW, Mickey Mouse and his family are set to return to the parks with the new Mickey Mouse themed Christmas tree on December 6.

The Disney-themed Christmas tree will feature the famous red-and-white character wearing a white and blue Mickey hat with white feathers, Mickey ears and a crown of gold.

The tree will be located in Tomorrowland and will be the only one to be decorated with Mickey.

The new Mickey costume will be available for purchase at the Tomorrowland retail store and will also be available at the Disneyland Resort stores and the Disney Parks Hotel & Resort, the company said in a statement.

This year’s holiday season is a huge time for fans to celebrate with Mickey, and Disney has a lot of plans in store for the season, including new movies, theme parks, merchandise and even a new theme park theme.

The Mickey Mouse costume will not be available in the stores or at Disney Parks hotels.

However, Disney says that the new costume will become available at some theme parks and Disney Parks resorts.

It is expected to be available through the end of 2017.

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