Wedding Dress Checkout Michelle Obama gets a new hairstyle: Michelle Obama is getting a new haircut!

Michelle Obama gets a new hairstyle: Michelle Obama is getting a new haircut!

The Hill article Michelle Obama has been getting a haircut for the past week, a haircut that is being touted as a celebration of her African heritage.

The First Lady and First Lady Michelle Obama were seen in New York on Wednesday, June 25, wearing a traditional, head-to-toe hairstyle with short, curly locks.

The hairstyle was first announced in February, when the First Lady wore it during a private ceremony to honor African-American history.

She wore it in her home state of Hawaii, where she is raising her daughter Malia.

President Obama, who also attended the ceremony, wore a black wig and black hairpiece during the ceremony.

Michelle Obama told a group of photographers, who were snapping pictures of her during the event, that she wore the haircut because of the significance of the occasion.

The first lady said the traditional cut is meant to honor the African American community.

“It’s just a little bit of a celebration, just like I said.

I wanted to wear a beautiful look, but also to represent the diversity in the African-Americans that live here,” she said.

The White House declined to comment further on the new haircut.

Earlier this month, the first lady announced her intention to start wearing a hairstyle that is a mix of styles, which include a classic hairstyle, which she said is meant for the traditional African American woman.

The haircut is a traditional African hairstyle and has a very long, straight look, she said in a speech.

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