Wedding Dress Cart What’s new in wedding dress styling?

What’s new in wedding dress styling?

What’s New: Newlyweds and their families can expect to spend up to £200 on new wedding dresses in a bid to help them look their best for the occasion.

Read more: More than £3bn has been spent on wedding dresses since the recession, with the average wedding costing between £500 and £1,000. 

However, the trend is starting to wane, with a survey of over 2,000 UK weddings revealed that people are not willing to spend the money on a new dress, and that they prefer to save it for a special occasion. 

More than three-quarters of women surveyed by survey firm Deloitte said they would rather spend the extra money on something that they were proud of, while more than a quarter said they’d rather save money than spend the time and effort to buy a new wedding dress.

A survey of 4,000 people found that a wedding dress was seen as the most important item of the wedding party by almost a third of women, while a majority of men felt the same.

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More: For women, buying a new gown was the top priority for the groom and the bride, while men felt it was the most attractive item. 

Women who had already planned their wedding with the help of an online platform, such as Glamour or Style, were the most likely to want to save money.

But for men, the biggest concern was not about spending money on their wedding, but instead about finding the perfect dress for them.

More: While a third said they were not interested in buying a wedding gown, almost half of men said they didn’t want to spend more than £500 on their first wedding.

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Read More: As part of their survey, Deloise said the UK had the lowest number of women and men in their surveys of over 4,500 people, but women were the least likely to be happy with the look of their wedding dress (34 per cent).

The survey also revealed that while there were more women in the UK today than ever before, they were still much less likely to opt for the traditional wedding dress than men (37 per cent) or women (55 per cent), as they are now more likely to get a new style.

“When people are happy with their wedding outfits, they are more likely than ever to look for something different,” said Deloiser chief executive, David Johnson.

“And with that, the traditional look becomes less important to them.” 

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