Wedding Dress News How to Get a Lovely, Stylish Wedding Dress for Your Wedding: Sparkly Wedding Dress

How to Get a Lovely, Stylish Wedding Dress for Your Wedding: Sparkly Wedding Dress

How to get a gorgeous, stylish wedding dress for your wedding. 

Here’s everything you need to know to choose a sparkly, fancy wedding dress.1. 

Measure your body and your style. 

This is the key to finding a sparkle in your wedding dress that will compliment your body, while still providing a sense of elegance and style.

I recommend measuring your body in order to determine the length of your gown. 


Choose the right size. 

I know I know, it’s a huge pain in the ass to try to find the perfect size for a dress. 


Don’t just buy a size small. 

You want to pick a size large for your body type. 


Find the perfect length. 

It doesn’t matter what the length is, but if you don’t find the right length, it’ll make your wedding day feel more awkward. 


Look at the accessories. 

When choosing a wedding dress to wear, you don.t just want a gown, you want to look good in it. 6. 

Slim down your measurements. 

A dress that’s too long or too short can make it difficult to get the perfect fit. 


Pick a size.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I can’t tell you what a size is. 8. 

Get a quote. 

If you’re ordering online, ask to see a size chart for your size.

Then pick the dress and see if it fits you. 


Make sure you get the right colors. 

Some wedding dresses are too light and some are too dark.


Try a different style.

There’s nothing more fun than finding a cute, sparkly dress that fits you perfectly. 


Use a dressmaker to create a custom fit.

It’s a great way to save money, find a style you love, and even make your own dress for the party. 


Ask your stylist. 

Having a stylist make your dress for you will help make your day more comfortable. 


Grab a few friends to help you with the shopping. 

As I’ve mentioned, you’re in luck if you’re at home with your friends, you can find a dressmaking service like Kiki Doll. 

14. Have fun. 

Be creative with the rest of your outfit, be fun with your wedding, and be able to take your time. 


Do you want a sparkles wedding dress? 

I’m all for sparkles. 

But you can do better.

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